Essbase Cube Practice Stuff


I’ll post some practice stuff so people can build cube load data, run calculation scripts and finally run some reports to see how Essbase works.

Practice Cube : a) [This will give you an idle how real time cube look like]


Sample Database to build cube: [Used in Building vube class]

Sample Reports:

Sample Calc Script :

Sample MaxL/MDX :

Sample Requirement documentation :

Mail to for Hyperion/OBIEE Training.

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3 Responses to Essbase Cube Practice Stuff

  1. Chowdary says:


    I am not able to find any information regarding Cal Script,MaxL/MDX from the below url

    Can u please send me sample Calc Scripts and MaxL/MDX.

    Sample Calc Script :×0v5yk

    Sample MaxL/MDX :×0v355


  2. snehamju says:

    Nice blogspot, thanku very much for kt. can u post some calculation script related practise stuff form scratch

  3. mani says:

    Hey how to open the example file cub1.otl cub2.otl iam unable to open the file

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